How are they transported?
MDGlassBlock windows need to be carried upright.

What is the weight?
MDGlassBlock windows weigh approx. 16 lb. Per square foot. A basement window would weigh approx. 65 lb.. Large windows can be made in multiple sections.

What sizes are available?
MDGlassBlock windows are made on every even 2" increment finishing approx. 1/4" less than the nominal size.

How do you determine what size blocks are used?    
The size of the window determines the size of the Glass Blocks used, giving a balanced layout.  

How are the windows installed?

MDGlassBlock windows can also be installed into the masonry opening using mortar.

MDGlassBlock windows can be installed on wood using the same methods as other replacement windows, treating the window as one piece of insulated glass.

MDGlassBlock Security windows are locally made using the all masonry upright assembly process,
3  1/8” thick break resistant GlassBlocks are used.  The masonry is Reinforced with steel penrod and banded with a polypropylene strapping for added strength.

MDGlassBlock Security Windows provide Thermal insulation to help reduce heating and air condition costs. They also contribute to sound reduction to reduce unwanted noise.

MDGlassBlock Security Windows provide natural brightness transferring 77% of existing light.
Decorative patterns can eliminate the need for curtains.

MDGlassBlock Security Windows use internal design patterns with SMOOTH EXTERIORS for easy cleaning.


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